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April 11, 2013
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This is part 2 (or 3 for those of you who caught the lemon) of probably 2(or 3) but you never know me! Anyway a link to 1 will be posted below. Please comment, favorite, ect. I love my comments and read every one of them.

       " Ve~ You have a little bambino wiggling around in your guts _____!" The Italian squealed jumping up and down as ______ was bent over a wooden bucket.

       A year after Ludwig had rescued her from Helgen they had moved to Whiterun. The stern general had surprised her after their wedding with a new home. What once was a small burnt down home midway between a fort and the guard watch tower of Whiterun was now a cozy roomy home. While he worked at the nearby fort, Fort Greymoor, ______ tended to the chickens, cow, garden, and their two horses for when they traveled. He had given her a nice life but she often grew bored with it. So her and her friend Ysolda would often sneak out intro the nearby fields and hunt or just chat to pass the hours. It was enjoyable frolicking in the sea of honey grass like they were little kids again.

     " Hes probably right you know...." Ysolda said as she rubbed the back of her hurling companion. " NO! I mean .... I cant be." ____ muttered in shock. It would make everything else make sense though. The mood swings, the need to be with Ludwig more, the lazyness, cramps, long nights, cravings, the tiny lump that had started to protrude from her normally fat belly. " By the gods...." While she was raised around Nords and knew to say nine her husband was an Imperial and worried what the Thalmor would do, knowing he had no control over it, so they settled on just saying gods. " W-what will I do!? How will I tell Ludwig? What if he doesn't want this baby." Panic stricken she started darting all over the house running her hands trough her hair with worry. Well, until she got herself dizzy again and had to hurl. " Mr Ludwig loves you bella! He hasn't told me much, well he never tells me anything, but I am sure he has been waiting for this!" The Italian said fast enough to make anyones head spin. The two women had gotten use to this though, seeing as the Italian had moved to Whiterun to stay close to his friends, and now lived in Breezhome with his less than pleasant house carl Lydia, who reminded him of Germany in some ways.  " I- ....." when ____ faded off Ysolda cut in. " He has to know, if he doesn't want this child it wont make it better by not telling him. Listen, lets go pick some flowers by the old creek, fix up the house, get the things we need to make his favorite dish, and you can tell him tonight at dinner....Alone." She said shooting Feli a glance.

      _____ paced nervously back and forth when she heard the door open and a pair of heavy steel boots march in. She walked up to her husband and gave him a quick kiss, feeling the two pairs of arms that felt like oak wrap around her and to her rear. A small squeak escaped her lips as he pinched her and kissed her cheek, down to her neck. " No, bad, not tonight love." She laughed slapping him playfully away. The man chuckled that deep rumble then looked around. " Zhen vhy did you fix up ze home?" He asked in with curiosity in his eyes. Worry soon replaced them though like a wave when he saw his beautiful wife frown and look at her feet. " Vhat is vrong? Is zhere anozer man here!?" Ludwig, being Ludwig, always jumped to the worse conclusions. " No! No! Of course not! Nothing like that! I just have something to tell you, but lets eat first before the food gets cold." This relaxed him very little but he was happy to get the stiff Imperial armor off and decent food in his belly. When he saw the wurst (made of horker, deer, and rabbit), potatoes, and a home made apple pie _____ had to wipe a tiny drizzle of drool from the corner of his lip. Of course this did not slow him down though. He dug in with great gusto and wiped out two servings in no time. " Mein love, vhatever you are going to tell me must be terrible because it taste extra good tonight." He said wiping his mouth and giving her a skeptical look. What hit him next though nearly made him pass out in the floor. The loud words " I am pregnant okay!" that spewed from his nervous wife made his heart thud and the world freeze. " Really?" He finally asked, not realizing he sounded a bit harsh. ______ noticed though and broke out in tears.

      Running for the back door her stomach clenched up and she just wanted to die. He looked angry, very angry. He didnt want this baby. He was always so busy what was she thinking. This man was a general not a family man. It was amazing he even got married. What if he didnt even love her. She didnt have time to come up with any other bad things. A chair slammed against the floor behind her in anger and she reached for the door, terrified. He was going to hit her she could hear the loud stomps getting closer. Before a single food could make it out of the safety of the door threshold those same oak arms wrapped around her waist from behind and cut off her wind. They were gentle though, not the angry rage she was expecting. " Love, calm down. Zhis is vunderful! Don't be scared and mein gods dont leave me!" He whispered nuzzling her neck. It was her turn to freeze now though. " So... you want this baby? And me?" The nervous woman asked looking at the blonde out of the corner of his eyes. " No, I need you... both of you." His large and sturdy hands rested on her stomach and noticed now what he hadnt noticed before in his busy head.... a bump.

~~ 5 months later le' time skip~~

     " DONT YOU DARE TOUCH MY WIFE!!!!!"  " Ludwig put me down!" Currently the blonde was screaming at a snail who had crawled up and onto _____'s giant 8 month belly. At the moment of spotting it he had snatched it up, tossed his wife safely onto his shoulder, and stared the snail in the...eyes?. " You're over reacting....again"______ sighed trying to wiggle down. "IT COULD BE A SPY!!!!!"   "Its a snail..."   "A SPY SNAIL! TELL US YOUR SECRETS SNAIL!"   "Ludwig.... do you hear yourself?"  Eventually the man put her down with and she made him apologize to the poor creature before setting it free on a nearby stone. Ludwig's brother Gilbert, an adventurer who normally lived in Markarth, was in town until the baby was born. He had heard the yelling and ran outside swords flailing. " ZE AWESOME GILBERT IS HERE TO SAVE ZE AWESOME GILBERT JUNIOR!!!" He froze when he saw the two staring at him, perfectly okay, with blank looks. " Gilbert junior?" Both said but ______ was giggling where as Ludwig looked like he had just stepped in a fresh pile of a steamy mammoth patty. " It vill not be named Gilbert Jr!"  "YES HE VILL!"  "VHAT IF ITS A GIRL!?" "GILBERTETA!"  "NEIN!" The arguing went on, and on, and on, and neither seemed to notice ______ had long left and went to relax in the home.

~~~ Another time skip~~~

      The Imperial armor of the blonde general sparkled in the hot burning sun. It twinkled and shone only making him look more like a god. He called out orders with his booming voice making the new recruits cower in fear. A military genius, a brave man, the strongest man around, and pure wonder with a sword. His stern, icey eyes pierced trough a nervous messenger soldier that trotted quickly up to him and shook in fear. Afraid of the man he whispered and stuttered trough the message. The man couldnt be that bad after all. The message was that his wife was having a baby so maybe he did have some love or care in him. He had no idea just how much there was though. It became clear as the general tossed down his sword, not caring that he was in the middle of training and took off yelling. " I am coming mein love!!!!!" The man roared as he hopped on his horse and galloped to the house. All stood in shock for they had never seen the man act this way.

     Flinging open the door and running upstairs to their bedroom he saw his wife laying sweating on the bed, panting. Feliciano held one hand, Ysolda had the other, and Gilbert was passed out on the floor being completely useless as usual. ((Sorry Gil)) He ran over and pushed Feli out of the way to comfort her and hold her hand. He has no idea what to do though. This was his first baby! What if she didnt make it? How long had the stubborn woman been like this before she called for help!? All of these things raced trough his mind but was snapped off by a sudden piercing cry. Five.... there WERE five people in the room but now there was six. He looked over in shock to see a Ysolda quickly cleaning off the child and snipping him lose. " Move!" Ludwig roared swooping up the baby in his arms. He held it close to his chest and his heart melted. This was HIS baby, the one him and his wife _______ had made together. Sighing contently he kissed it on the head. " Congratulations on your new baby girl, Ludwig and _______." Ysolda said softly. The peace lasted a bit longer until it started to wiggle and cry. " V-vhat? Vhat did I do? Did I hurt her? Am I doing something vrong?" He paniced but his wife knew exactly what that cry ment. Every mother new or old knew that cry. " Shes hungry dear."   "Oh...Ja I knew zat...just testing you." He laughed nervously handing her over. The sight next almost made the stern block of iron of a man cry. ____ holding their new baby in her arms.
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING!!! I just wrote the story! Well I do own spy snail. Ludwig you were right!!!! Oh and when (not if I mean when) you see any grammar errors let me know because I don't pay close attention to that and I flub up a lot. :iconcommentplz:

Part 1: [link]
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Jinx3d-Emo Apr 5, 2014  New member
It's a snail...or is it

It could be a slug in disguise
Lady0Red Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sneaky bastards.
Jinx3d-Emo Apr 7, 2014  New member
We need to look out for them...the slugs are trying to rule the world!!!
Chibi-kai14 Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I lost it at the snail.

BTW: Can i have a link to the lemon please?
Shinobipika65 Mar 21, 2014  Student Artist
*screams loudly* HELP ITS WATCHING ME!!!!! *Points to spy snail* 
I laughed through like, this whole thing! THANK YOU
kippy4299 Mar 10, 2014  New member
Spy snail, apparently you can trust no one not even snails ^o^
E-Sane Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
S-spy snail? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
FrozenFur Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait...caught the lemon? Where's the lemon? I wanna read this awesome stories lemony part~
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