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November 11, 2012
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((A whole group filled with Skyrim/Hetalia: ))

The cold, bitter wind of Skyrim blew trough [name]'s [h/c] hair. Her wrist were bound and sat uncomfortably in her lap. She bounced on the hard, wooden bench every time the cart hit a rock or hole. Which seemed to happen a lot. It had been an ordinary day until she had gotten herself caught up with some rebels during an ambush. Just her luck though. Things like this always happened to her. To her right was Alfred Stormcloak, the leader of the rebel Stormcloak army. In front of him sat a man with dark, shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. He ran his mouth and cursed like a sailor about how he shouldn't have been there. Finally the other man in the cart, a Stormcloak with long blonde hair in a pony tail and blue eyes, spoke up. " Would you 'ush already! Vinning like a little girl vill not 'elp any of us!" He scoffed. Alfred seemed to be trying to eat trough the cloth on his mouth wanting to speak. " Alfred, a little silence would do you good! It's about time you t'ink before you speak!" The Stormcloak wailed again earning a middle finger from the Stormcloak captain. Finally they arrived at a small town. People were gathering around a chopping block and [name]'s heart started pounding. 'Am I going to lose my head!?' she thought though she knew the answer. After being unloaded an Imperial solider started calling off names. " Alfred Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm, Francis, of Riverwood, Romano, of Rorikstead-" He was interrupted by the yelling of the man. Romano ran off but was quickly shot down by an arrow. [Name] hadn't been on the list but they didn't care she was sent off anyway. After what seemed like a life time the executions began. [Name], along with most everyone else, was too busy staring in horror at the bloody head laying in the basket to care about the noises from above. It was her turn now... she walked up to the block and got on her knees. Just as she bent down her eyes lock with two blue marbles belonging to the Imperial General. They were so clear and bright even though they looked to be filled with sadness, and looked to be as deep as the near by sea. Just as the axe was raised there was another loud cry and a crash. It wasn't long till all hell broke loose. The last thing [Name] remembered was climbing up a towers steps and a ... dragon breaking trough the wall right in front of her as she climbed.

~~~~ Time Jump!~~~~

[Name] woke to the sun streaming into her eye with an ungodly brightness. Immediately she turned her head and closed her eyes. Something was off though. That's when it hit her like a brick. A dragon was attacking! She sat up so fast that her headache caught up with her. Instead of being in Soverngaurd she was alive. What puzzled her though is where was she? As she studied the room she found she was in a bed. Soft, warm furs were wrapped around her with a soft hay cushion underneath. The smell of cooked fish, bread, and cheese filled the air along with the smell of steel. She could hear people talking. The walls were made out of stone and she realized she was in a bed room. Not long after that even more information registered. Bandages covered her wounds and she was no longer in the prison rags but warm fur clothing. After studying the room for divine knows how long she decided to get up and explore. Gravity had other plans. The second her feet touched the floor and she stood she fell. Her strength had not come back to her yet and she found herself landing with a thud on the floor. " What's arr the noise?" A soft voice said. Boots could be heard along with the clanking of metal as he entered the room. It was a short man with black, short hair and marble black eyes. " Oh your awake. I wirr go get Mr Beilschmidt." He scurried off around the corner. ' Well, thanks for all the help.' [Name] thought with a grumble. Soon all the negative complaints were swiped away by the same blue eyes she had seen earlier. " Oh, are you okay?" Came a very thick deep voice. For the first time [name] looked at something other than his eyes. He had slicked back blonde hair and fair skin. His muscles were large and restricted by the Imperial General armor on him. [Name] nodded dully and felt herself being lifted by those same strong arms. " W-what happened?" She muttered looking up at him. The imperial took a seat in a chair by the bed. " I am General Beilschmidt, but you can call me Ludvig. You got mixed up vith some rebels at zhe execution. Right before you vere.... uh you know, a dragon attacked. I can barley believe it myself but its true. Anyvay, you vere running avay up a tower vhen the dragon bursted trough zhe vall. Some stones fell on you und you passed out. After zhe dragon left ve came back und Feliciano, one of my soldiers, found you. Ve thought you vere dead at first but he vouldn't let us leave. Good thing too. Vhen ve found out you vere alive we took you back here. You are in Solitude. My room in zhe Castle Dour tover to be exact. You are zhe only prisoner to live that ve know of. Since you vere innocent to being vith though ve have decided to leave you a free voman. After you healthy of course. I vill let you sleep now." The man stood and began his trip out the door before [name] stopped him. " Wait! G-er Ludwig, how did I get these clothes on?" He turned around and his face was a bright red. " Feli bandaged you up und .... I didn't look I promise." And with that he hustled out the door.

~~~Time Jump~~~

It had been a month since [name] arrived at the Imperial capitol. Feli and [name] became fast friend often chatting about things. One day Feli ran up and threw a book into her lap while she was trying to eat. " [name]! [name]! Look what I found!" It was a small leather book with the words 'Ludwig Beilschimidt' neatly written on the cover. " It's Mr Ludwigs journal!" he squeaked. " Feli you shouldnt have been re-" [name] started but was cut off. " He talks about you a lot!" That was it. Curiosity got the best of her. So she opened the book and started reading at the day of the dragon attack.

Ludwig's Journal:

Today I was to watch an execution of Alfred Stormcloak. Finally the day had come where I could rid Tamriel of him. Sadly a beautiful woman got caught up in the rabel. I learned her name was [Full name] later. I felt so guilty about it when she looked at me I was almost happy when that huge black lizard dropped out of the sky and attacked in time, saving her. We found her later that evening, I was sure she was dead. I didn't want to stay any longer and look at her so I left. But when we all met back up at the gate to head to Solitude again there she was. Asleep in one of my soldiers arms as he put her in the carriage with two other soldiers who had lived. I have met very many beautiful women in my time alive but never have I been so relieved to see one breathing.

[Name] continues to surprise me everyday. This time she returned with Feli from a walk with a whole basket full of flowers that she gave to me. I put them in an old tankard (since I had nothing better on hand) and filled it with water. Its sitting on my desk in front of we now as I write. They make me kind of constipated, flowers always have. But shes happy to see them there so ... I dont mind it as much.  

I think I feel sick. I talked to Kiku today about it. My heart with start racing randomly and sometimes my face feels very hot. I also feel ... aroused at random. My stomach gets this tingly feeling and I have to go running to get it to go away.  Thats the only thing distracting enough. He asked if I happened around certain people and I told him yes but I dont see why being around [name] would cause these new medical problems. Maybe she had a plant or something in her pocket im allergic too? I dont know.

Recently I was down in the Temple of the Divines, just to think. No one ever goes there so its quite. Those who do don't bother me with the talk of war while im there. Something about it being a place of peace. I've never been a big worshiping man though. Anyway, while talking to one of the priest she asked me if I was okay. I admit.. I gushed my problems. Like a little teen girl in a fight with her best friend over who wares what dress to a party. It was very embarrassing but she helped me sort out something... I know what it is now. Im in love. I love [name].

Im going to go hit my self in the balls with a shovel. Today I shot [name] in the thigh with an arrow. Not a sharp war one. Just enough to brake skin. Told her I was playing target practice with the hawks and an arrow went astray. At the time it was a great idea. [name] was getting better and was probably going to go home soon. I couldn't let her do that so I set her healing back. Im such a dummkopf. She will hate me forever now.

(Back to story)

[name] rubbed the almost healed arrow wound as she read the story. " That sweet but he is a fool. I wasn't going to leave. I love him. Though, If he would of told me sooner that would have been better. And to think. I was worried that he hated me. Hmmm" Little did she know as she read Feli had draged Ludwig into the room and they had been listened. Well Germany more watched in horror afraid of rejection. Just as he was about to dart out he heard her say she loved him. " I-I love you too, [name]." He said coming up behind her and putting a hand on her shoulder. [name] stood up and look at him first in horror then smiled. She opened her mouth to say something but was silenced by the generals lips landing on hers. As they held each other and kissed Italy ran down the hall way yelling to every servant, gaurd, and human being (even a few objects and animals) " LUDWIGS GOT A GIRLFRIEND! LUDWIGS GOT A GIRLFRIEND! VE~"
There are never enough Skyrim/ Hetalia reader inserts .... so I made one!!! I hope you love it! If you dont then that cool too.
Oh I do not own Skyrim, Hetalia, any of the characters, the picture, or you. But Sharogorath (I cant spell his name :cries:) owns your sanity.

Please leave comments I love them! Also, Im thinking about doing a second part. Possibly a lemon :iconpervygermanyplz: or one where the reader is pregnant. Maybe even both if its in high demand. (Im currently working on a lemon for this.) Anyway, I used Germany as an imperial because its sorta like WW2. The Empire has the powere right now and is strictly out ruling the worship of Talos (like the Jews worshiping God) and America along with the other Allies are trying to push them out.

Part 2: [link]
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100iceWOLF108 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  New member
Oh Italy your so hilarious! Awesome combination. And I laugh like a total idiot when I read "I'm going to go hit my self in the balls with a shovel. Today I shot [name] in the thigh with an arrow. Not a sharp war one. Just enough to brake skin. Told her I was playing target practice with the hawks and an arrow went astray. At the time it was a great idea. [name] was getting better and was probably going to go home soon. I couldn't let her do that so I set her healing back. Im such a dummkopf. She will hate me forever now."
You little devil, you. Germany is too cute!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿♥♥♥♦♦♦🎯🎯🎯💗💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Oh Germany I love you too much to be mad  
Moymashed Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
What is dragon about the reader. It says dragonborn
Lady0Red Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's Skyrim, the reader isn't literally a dragon.
Moymashed Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
Dang it i was hoping.............. Never mind
Lady0Red Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I actually have read some roleplays with the reader as a dragon-like creature but they have been lost in my history pile for a long time now. Sorry.
Moymashed Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
I would love to read any dragon like reader stories
muuu1234 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 30, 2014
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 Skyrim+ Hetalia= AWESOMENESS!
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Best skyrim and hetalia story ever! lol i laughed at Feli at the end
NOMNOMSUN Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
YES! SKYRIM FOR ME EYES! (I know Skyrim and Hetalia have nothing to do with each other, but it's my crack crossover~)

(Laughs at Romano's misfortune)
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